Winter Skirt Knee

[Ten Strong, 2012]

Ho fatto una mossa per la porta mi sono trovato nei boschi antichi 
Che razza di energia potente in torno al corpo attorciglio 
Girando una donna voce gonna
Con chi parlo, Che mi mostro, quel che le be e quel che succe 
Ed io capivo n'ei spari di secondi
Tutte le cose dei tutti mondi and all my worries fell away 

Cadevano come soldati in guerra
Sul l'ultimi fili della frontera
And I was left allayed to the simple life of a blue winter skirt on a chunky winter day 

Saatvas of the world giramundo
You've seen yourselves in enemies eyes
Venomous hatreds only you can interiorly anti-oxidize 
We must bring heart fire to these flames arise

What's goin on
What she say
We don't know
We told you so
Open your eyes
Lose your mind
Will lead us to
An instinct through 

Question authority
Question reality
Question society
The fundamental delusion has you as you
Incredible illusion says me is me

Icarus ate the sun

[I.N.F.E.R.N.O., 2014]

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So the lie was put upon us of a man who flew too close to the sun 
Now we're left with this impression that great adventure and unmistakeable mission 
Leaves you dead, floating in the sea, more or less, like you and me 
Without risk, no total loss, nothing spectauclar will come of us 

Set your sails in the high seas, let the lowly sail the summer breeze 
Seek out danger and the mountain yet climbed, your limits are yet defined 

I will not be stopped, i will not give up 

Icario yes you made it through 
Diario tell us what you knew 
Mamma sing this song with me 
Il figlio he is free!

In Water We Trust-Mni wiconi (feat. Kuyayky & Pdrito)

[Marinara mixtapes Vol I, 2016]

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Cochambamba water capitol of Bolivia 
Aguas de Tunari Italian mambo dynasty 
Come dance now in the floods of follia 
In the waters of life is the evolution of me 
Crack open a hydrant there's a party in the streets 
I don't want you rights like i don't want your police 
My mother our earth is hurting silent tears she cries 
The literal and figurative well’s not empty yet but it's looking dry 
Fuggedabout your rights ignite your life 

Mni wiconi under my feet 
Sacred water of my Momma run thru bad mans streets 
I let no privateers put an end to my fun 
Them too join in my evolution 
Would if they knew it be good for them — and me and you 
100 monkeys gathered i can feel the tipping point comin on soon 
Look inside see that light within? 
You don't need no ringleader to tell ya that you're free every single moment of your time 
Forget your rights ignite your life 

Con ruido de león hoy to digo ya basta 
Hoy abro mis alas de condor y retomo mi libertas 
Hoy como nunca me despierto de la pesadilla 
y abandono las cuerdas 
Esas cuerdas que me atan 

Chaymi chay runa 
Imarayku qollqeqa ñawpaqta kawsanchismanta? 
Manam munanichu 
Paqariypaq kawsayniyki, khunan ruwasqayki 
(Such is man 
Why place money before life? 
This is not what I want 
The cause of your future will be your present) 

International styling unification is the key 

El underground hoy se levanta para gritar ya basta 
Grande es su maquina y su gente nos aplasta 
Nuestro sacrificio siempre les llena la panza 
Y no descansa la esperanza en que algún día 
Reine el equilibrio y acabar con ese delirio 
De diferencia de razas superioridades o de cualquier dominio 
Llenemos de cualidades 
Pensemos con ingenio 
Hagamos hermandades 
Sin imponer imperio 

Love and respect for each and everyone 
Kuyayky & Askultura coming rougher as one 
United we stand to mother earth we belong 
No more policeman no more machine gun 
Big brother attacking imposing his oppression 
Wants to drill our land to make a water corporation 
Raids, depression, upbringing deportation 
Embracing the underground is the only solution 

Nothing belongs to us in governments we do not trust 
The water it finds rust our bodies they find the dust 
We want nothing to do with this no anarcho-communists 
No liberation-theory marxists nor happy capitalists 
In the western hemisphere can we live without interfere 
From european politricks and religions of the hypocrites? 
Turtle island time to rise up maka'takiya pachamamma, 
Nothing belongs to us it’s in the water that I trust 

El pueblo unido jamas será vencido 
Un pueblo cosiente nunca mas será asiente 

It's in water that I trust

Tribultura 2012 [Letter From Tribal Bunkers in ABQ, Pt. I]

[Ten Strong, 2012]

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Brother of mine 
Time to cook up 
This new medicine 
You know what we must do 
For our grand breakthrough  
As much as you do 
I want to stay in bed 
All day long with this bella on my arm 
Singing the most revolutionary song 
La canzione degli amanti  
But in lieu of heartless thieves 
Who prefer the manufacture of deceit 
To our beloved sheets and dimmed out moans 
Questo grido gli mando 

I know what I must do 
To return the world to balance anew 
I'm gonna run around 
With that fun lovin rebel crowd 
I'll fly the black flag 
Of the international 
Bring out tribu twenty twelve 

The networks flicker with anticipation 
As tornadoes throw cows across the nation 
A hollywoodesque depiction 
A twenty twelve end time fiction  
The bustling masses 
Sitting on their asses 
Will continue to vote as political assets 
They might as well pull the levers in the gas chambers 
They know no better anyway 
No better anyhow  
So Miami to Londontown 
On both sides of the Thames 
Tokyo New York City Rome and Rio 
And all points to the Four Winds 

The questions I put out 
Were quickly heard 
The letters sent away 
Right back they were returned 
Upon all wars past and present 
Our opinions are determ'ed 
And like rock markers and conspiracy talkers 
We will never be deterred 
All sources confirm 

Tribultura twenty twelve  
What you gonna haces 
When you got the cases 
And the stolen cargo from Madagascar 
Tribultura twenty twelve 

A letter from the tribes to the people

fuck the public

[Ten Strong, 2012]

Fuck the public what they don't knoW 
We're not responsible for the loss if they don't see it so 
Meet at the Bohemian Grove to talk about
Ways to move the public out 

Move em out move the public out 
Move em out today if they don't think what ya say 
Think it's not possible just wait and see
What we can do over the next century 

The NAU and NAFTA trade deal squeal 
Wall Street will bitch and the Fed will appeal 
Toxic heights & Rockefeller eugenics 
Pick a pig a pack of wolves to be your next president 
We don't care what the public say 
We're here to ensure what they don't think today 
Blast em with the next bitch from Hollywood 
False-flag ops like 9/11 and Northwoods 

Fuck the public if they can't see 
That we're trying to make the world a safer place 
Think of the peace that will prevail on earth 
When us rich motherfuckers run it and no one else

Il Pizzico Pasticciato dei Pagliacci

[Ten Strong, 2012]

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I was sent to dance a healing round down in Messina 
By Uncle doctor Ciuro who call me no Chisena 
He said to rescue cousin from dusty province town 
And dance around the globe like two tarantella clowns 

Armageddon Shmarmageddon
Ice age or acid rain 
Not even death can kill me
We'll be dancing in our grave 
With Askultura Sepultura?!
And the music that we made 
We're two men on the train
With the music that remains 
In time of peace In time of war 
If being chased by ghouls of Gwar 
Whatever is this music for?
For being chased by ghouls of war 
Dark nights
No rights
No complacency in mission 
Strong like nuclear fission 
This is bandit clown transmission 

Per tutto il mondo siam'andati spinning
Tra birre in vetro we're looking
At pretty punk rock asses and haircuts of the misses 
Who noted in our spirit that true life was not a missin 
So in the dying throes of this civilization era 
We went to accomplish what two men could never never 
On foot and train and flight
Thru forests of streetlights 
We ate through the old ideas
Like guitar by termites 

There were a 100000 parties to incite 
Interior designers they went outside 
Leaders of the new world came in to hide 
All weapons aside
Suits are tie-dyed
Pigs fly
Pinochet’s re-tried 

Out come anarchists dreamers & ex-soldiers 
Jungle creatures wish to see the cities of men smolder 
Before the walls came a crumbling 
We set a spark that had the whole world mumbling 

But hushed tones are not enough for a lover
For a clown 
Who sings & dances atop hierarchies now fallen down 
The mania of taranta defeats the poisoned spider 
So make your chosen weapon 
Your heart on fire